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About Coach Mont

Lamont Williams, a dedicated basketball coach and former player, boasts an impressive coaching journey that reflects his unwavering passion for the game. With a rich history of molding young talent, Coach Mont has left an indelible mark on the basketball landscape.


Having steered the 8th Grade Express Elite and 9th Grade DST teams to success, Coach Mont demonstrated his adeptness at developing players at critical stages of their growth. His role as an assistant coach for South Plainfield added to his coaching repertoire, honing his strategic insights and leadership skills.


Drawing from his own illustrious playing career, which included two impactful years with South Plainfield High School's varsity team where he broke the remarkable 1000-point scoring barrier, Coach Mont possesses an innate understanding of the game's nuances.


His collegiate journey was equally remarkable, as he secured victories in both Region 19 and GSAC Championships while representing County College of Morris. Later, he transferred to Mercy College to conclude his college basketball career, showcasing his adaptability and tenacity.


Coach Mont's current role in skills development for County College of Morris underscores his commitment to fostering technical excellence and nurturing the potential of young players. His dedication to teaching fundamentals and promoting the true essence of the sport ensures that the legacy of basketball continues to thrive through the generations he impacts.


In a world where basketball coaching transcends the court, Coach Lamont Williams stands as a beacon of inspiration, imparting not only the mechanics of the game but also the values that accompany it.

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At 1percentbasketballtraining, we are more than just a basketball program. We are a family of like minded individuals who are dedicated to helping each other reach their goals.Our program focuses on teaching fundamentals, as well as the importance of hard work and dedication.

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